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Small Resolutions

Small Resolutions

Ah, the New Year’s resolution. A year starts with renewed promise, and many of you have undoubtedly set some big goals already. We're one month in and we hope you’re well on your way towards becoming fluent in Spanish and buying that Ferrari!

Last year, I resolved to quit my corporate job and launch a clothing line to help gentleman discover luxury quality for a reasonable price. Scary? Yep. Life changing? Bingo! What’s the fun if you don’t dream, right?

In 2017, the Finespun team is thinking small. Just like our clothing, it’s the little details, ones that are often overlooked by others (cell phone pocket, cough cough), that can make big impacts. So at our first working lunch of the year we jotted down small ways to be healthier, friendlier, and well rounded. Here are 17 of our favorites:

1) Stretch. Daily.

2) Read one book per month.

3) Seek adventure. Travel across the world, across the country, or just across town.

4) Hand write five notes (thank you, just because, etc.). Bonus points if the person is not expecting it.

5) Smile more often.

6) Turn off your phone during meals.

7) Eat one less fast food meal each month.

8) Donate clothes you no longer wear.

9) Make a budget.

10) Park at the back of the parking lot.

11) Visit two new museums (pair with #3).

12) Download a brain teaser app.

13) Add a plant to your house and office.

14) Walk tall with your shoulders back and head high.

15) Volunteer.

16) Use your turn signals. Every turn, every lane change, every time.

17) Look up at the world around you. It’s marvelous out there.

What should we add to the list? We’ll post this on our Facebook page for you to share your own ideas!


Always pursue style!


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