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February Style Roundup

Holy cow, we nearly missed posting our favorite monthly style articles from February. So we'll pipe down and get right to it. Happy reading!
You may have heard the word sprezzatura. Ever wonder what it means, and how to pull it off in your own style? We found this handy primer, complete with history, examples, and ideas. So next time you leave your tie a bit askew, or don't button a collar, you can just tell people "because sprezzatura!" (5 min read)

Surgeon's cuffs are a mark of a bespoke suit. Here's a quick look at some history of this feature.

FYI, we offer working buttonholes on our made-to-measure jackets, but don't on the ready-to-wear because it makes sleeve alteration difficult. (2 min read and 2.5 min video)

A good handwritten note will never go out of style. Not only does Monoset make a fine set of cardstock, but they boil down how to write a congratulatory note into a few simple steps. (1-2 min read)

Spring is around the corner, or so we hear. That means sun, which means you need to protect your eyes. Esquire presents fresh and affordable options(1-2 min read)

This might be one of the coolest and most mesmerizing Instagram pages we've ever seen. (you may get hooked all day)
"The style of studied nonchalance is the psychological triumph of grace over order."
- G. Bruce Boyer

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