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How To Care for Your Jacket

2 dudes worried about wrinkles
You invested in a great new jacket, made of high quality materials and sturdy craftsmanship. You want it to last as long as possible, right? With a little effort – these are easy, we promise – that sport coat or blazer (or suit) will look fresh and clean for years to come.
  • Lightly brush the jacket to remove dirt. We like the clothes brushes made by Kent (available on Amazon).
  • Between wearings, hang the jacket on a contoured, wide-shouldered hanger (like the ones we give you with purchase). This helps retain proper shape.
  • Allow for some space in the closet, about an inch on both sides will do.
  • Wool is breathable. Hanging near a window or outside will clear out odors.
  • Stains (beer, lipstick, etc.) should be lightly blotted, not rubbed. Start with a towel and water.
  • A few minutes hanging near a shower will smooth out wrinkles.
  • Spot steaming is ok, but we don’t recommend overdoing it as the direct shot of steam can wear down fibers. (No ironing, ever.)
  • Placing items in the outer pockets may put strain on the seams and break the clean lines. Not a good look.
  • Unbutton your jacket before sitting to prevent pulling.
  • Avoid wearing the same jacket multiple days in a row. Let that puppy rest!
  • Store seasonal items in a breathable garment bag for protection when not wearing.
  • If you follow these tips, you’ll only need to dry clean a few times per year. Once a season, at most, should be sufficient.
Take good care of that jacket and it will take good care of you!

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