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January Style Reads

2 Stylish Guys in Killer Jackets
Brrrr, winter is definitely here. Stay warm inside while checking out our latest batch of stylish and manly articles from around the interwebs. Happy reading!
With a new year comes a new chance to take inventory of and (if necessary) redefine yourself. The minds behind the popular Parisian Gentleman blog go long form with their review of defining style. Complete with quotes from Tom Waits to Yves Saint Laurent, this post explores a more academic take on creating, nurturing, and adjusting "That Word Called Style"(5 min read)

An excerpt: "When developing a personal style, we should not hesitate to produce results because we are afraid of making mistakes. Instead we have the freedom to sift through the wrangling of our minds...refinement will come after you’ve relaxed enough to be willing to make some mistakes."

The Gentleman's Journal​ knows what's on our minds - upgrades to the work wardrobeIt goes without saying that a Finespun jacket pairs well with just about everything on this list. (1-3 min read)

Made a new year's resolution to work out more? Then you need music. Having a good set of headphones helps power any workout. Esquire has a roundup of some of the best on the market today. (1 min read)

Debonair shirt and tie combo ideas (and collars and knots), courtesy of The Rake (so you know they're awesome).  (2-4 min read)

And to close out this month, if your resolution is "new year, new people to date" then here are some tips for dressing for your profile pictures that will excite prospective viewers. Hint, details and settings are important. Good luck! (2-5 min read)
"Being well dressed is a form of good manners."
- Tom Ford

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