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June Style Roundup

This month's version of the The Thread has a lot of summer woven into it because, damn, it's hot out there already. We hope you're reading this indoors with a cool drink in your hand. If not, what are ya waiting for? 
This is GQ's summer weekend trip packing kit. We don't necessarily agree with their exact choices, but we like their reasoning for each piece, from tank tops to sneakers. 

You're packed, so where should you go? Here are some ideas

And here are a bunch more. Bon voyage!  (Admission: this last link isn't recent, but we just spent 20 minutes clicking on several of the cities and thinking up new adventures. Lots of ideas here.)

We all want to be in shape for the beach. We're not going to throw a workout routine at you, but instead show off a list of Instagram fitness personalities you may want to follow for exercise motivation and ideas.

The World Cup has kicked off, but without our beloved American squad. If you want to root for someone new, these guides may help: here and here, plus predictions.

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