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Let's Talk About Retail Pricing

With the Holiday (spending) season upon us, we have a question: have you ever seen a 3-for-1 promotion or an entire store at 40% off and wondered how the brand actually makes money? We're not shy, we'll tell you the secret: clothing can retail for up to 12 times what it actually costs to produce.   
When that $495 department store suit is slashed to $250 it looks like a great deal, right?   
Except it actually costs only $40 or $50 to produce the suit.
Here is how the retail chain works: First, a designer/brand contracts with a manufacturer to create the garment. The factory quotes a price based on their cost of raw materials and labor. Next, the brand sells the item to a store or a distributor who shops it to multiple stores. The store finally puts the garment on the rack for you to purchase. 
Each step brings a mark-up, doubling - at minimum - the price along the way.
But wait, there's more! Don't forget to layer in costs for advertising by both the brand and the store (those celebrity endorsements and national ads aren't cheap!), corporate overhead, sales staffs, inventory, the cachet of the brand, and literally keeping the lights on. 
Needing to cover those extra costs, both ends of the spectrum take advantage of the supply chain to create profits, but in different ways. Mass produced goods skimp on fabric quality and will utilize inferior construction methods (good luck finding that in the product description). Ultra luxury labels undoubtedly source the finest threads and best craftsmanship, but the name on the label creates a heavy price multiplier effect that outpaces the extra labor.
Therein lies the advantage of the Finespun model. By designing our own line in partnership with an established, high quality manufacturer, sold to you exclusively through our website, and modeled by our friends (A-listers in our hearts!), we do more with less.   
We like to look at our result one of two ways: 1) Same fabrics and construction as high quality brands such as Robert Talbott, Hugo Boss, and Ralph Lauren Blue Label, but at half the price. Or, 2) similar price level as the better department store brands but featuring a significant increase in features and value.

Better is out there, gentlemen. Don't get suckered next time you see that 3-for-1 commercial.

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