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May Style Roundup

The Finespun Squad @ Louisville Bespoke
Greetings from spring, err summer. Wait, what season is it when it's 92 degrees in May?

Regardless, we all still need to look sharp in the warmer weather, but we may also want to go on some adventures. We'll cover both in this edition of The Thread. Happy reading!

Travel + Leisure lays out trip ideas that are perfect for June (some domestic, some international). (3-5 mins read + booking time)

Camp shirts, of which the Hawaiian is a member, are prominent in spring collections. Gaze upon GQ's picks, laugh at the prices, and then remember their looks as you shop elsewhere. (2-4 mins)

We carry a couple of seersucker fabrics in our made-to-measure program. The Rake gets a bit into what to look for and ways to wear it. (3-5 mins)

When the sun is out your sunglasses should be on to protect your eyes. Men's Journal has a guide to choose the right type for your noggin. (3-4 mins)

A gentleman is well read. Reading to go on an adventure or learn something new will keep you sharp (as pointed out by science, per Inc Magazine). (1-2 mins)
"Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered."
- Giorgio Armani

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