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Finespun was created because we believe premium quality garments should not always carry the high prices often associated with the name on the label. We sought to make shopping easier and give guys outside the fashion capitals access to stylish items with just the right amount of personality.

We don't come "from fashion". We aren't designers, clothing buyers, or marketers. 

Finespun was started by two regular Midwest guys who spent their careers wearing the same items you are seeking. But we wanted more than was offered by the 2-for-1 specials so often found at the mall. We were tired of brick & mortar sales ploys, uninspired offerings, and outrageous luxury price mark-ups.

We wanted to stand out from the crowd, whether at a client meeting or happy hour with friends. We just didn't want to pay an arm-and-a-leg for that look.

Feel the same? Then you've found the right place.

Welcome to Finespun.

Our Design Approach

Superior quality, fit, fabrics, and styling; together it doesn't have to be expensive. We were so convinced that we quit our jobs to prove it.

finespun difference

Our professional approach of partnering directly with a factory that produces goods for many of the quality brands you love, then selling either exclusively online or via face-to-face (look us up in Louisville!), helps us eliminate excess middlemen and keep overhead low.

You should pay for what goes into the product itself, not unnecessary mark-ups along the way.

Craftsmanship and Features

What's in a jacket? Let us show you how classic, Neapolitan-inspired tailoring and modern construction co-exist in our ready-to-wear jacket collection.

Through our made-to-measure program you can personalize your jacket with over two dozen design details from top-to-bottom, inside and out. 


Louisville is home to a vibrant food scene, plenty of bourbon bars, and the Kentucky Derby. If you have not experienced Derby firsthand then you're missing out on a true sartorial treat. Colorful patterns and bow ties rule the day. We can't think of a better inspiration for a Finespun gentleman.                      

Our Commitment to You

Online shopping can sometimes be a leap of faith, and we understand that. We are a small team of people passionate about clothing and highly focused on creating a comfortable shopping experience. When you buy from Finespun, you can be assured that one of the founders is personally checking and packing the garments, on the other end of the email answering questions, and consulting with you for custom. You'll also see us prominently in our photos (we're the guys who definitely don't look like professional models!). It is important to us that you are amazed with your purchase and experience. 

Giving Back

Life is about experiences, laughter, and stories. But sometimes sad situations happen. That is why we at Finespun Clothing choose to donate a portion of our sales (and our time) to our local Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. We want to pay it forward the best we can. 

Let's Talk

Drop us a note at or visit our Contact Page.       


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