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Embrace Your Inner Designer

Our Made-to-Measure program is designed to be an enjoyable and easy personalized service for our clients. You take control over your look and fit. Our job is to provide guidance and make suggestions…or to stay the heck out of the way!

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How Does it Work?

Customizing your sport coat starts with a face-to-face conversation with Finespun's owner: about what you have in your closet already, where you’ll be wearing the jacket, your personal style goals, and the look you wish to portray.

Next, we complete a two-step process:

1) The Fitting – We start with a stock pattern coat to determine your size. To dial in the fit, we discuss what you feel and what we see, how the jacket moves and how it drapes. Together, we determine measurement adjustments to about a dozen areas, from the main sections like chest, waist, and length, to more minute details such as arm angle and shoulder slope.

2) The Details – This is where you choose the fabric, lining, and other details of the coat to create the look you want. Our clients are frequently surprised at the number of customizable options. You design every inch of the jacket: interior construction, under the collar, contrast threads on the lapel or cuff, buttons (type and number), type of shoulder, etc. In all, you have over two dozen ways to make the jacket your own.

Fabrics and Linings

We carry nearly 1,000 fabrics of all colors, patterns, blends, and weights. From your basic blue blazer to plaids and windowpanes to colorful yellows and oranges, we can cover a wide variety of looks. Our fabrics come from world renown Italian mills such as Vitale Barberis Canonico, Drago, Tessilstrona, Loro Piana, and Guabello.

We also carry about 200 linings. Some people actually find the lining to be the most fun step of the whole process. Whether you want a simple solid, a basic pattern like gingham, or lean a bit wilder and more colorful, we have you covered.

Jacket lining


Jacket prices start at $450 for a half-canvas construction, topping out at $950 for our most luxurious fabrics. Most will fall in the $525 to $650 range.

Certain linings or design details carry small additional charges.

Because we have no brick & mortar costs, a tiny marketing budget, or other middleman mark-ups, you can be assured that you are getting the same fabrics, construction quality, and value as brands that would cost nearly twice as much!

Turnaround Time

In-stock fabrics take up to four weeks to complete. Some fabrics are special ordered directly from the fabric mill just for your design, which adds 5-10 days to the process. Our manufacturing partner is a global leader in apparel production who supplies several luxury brands. Their Northern China facility combines old-school European tailoring know-how with state-of-the-art equipment and a staff (of adults!) highly trained to create premium custom garments.

Ready to Give Custom a Try?

Drop us a note at or visit our Contact Page to speak with us further about our made-to-measure program or to arrange a fitting.      


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