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a custom approach to ready-to-wear

Style is timeless, so we don't follow trends, per se, save for one: small batch design. That means our jackets feature special fabrics and design details that you’ll only see in luxury stores or from bespoke tailors. 

We like to say we take a custom approach to ready-to-wear.

We're not the type of brand to buy a hundred of anything. Because who wants to dress just like the next guy? 

Craftsmanship and Features

What's in a jacket? Let us show you how classic, Neapolitan-inspired tailoring and modern construction co-exist.


Ask any well-dressed gent and he'll tell you a killer look begins and ends with fit. We were tired of asking our wives to measure us for "custom" brands and having the results come back messy. So we sought out a modern cut for our jackets that is trim, but not skinny. It's tailored in the shoulder and body, with slightly higher armholes for movement.

If you do like things trimmer, try your regular size. For a more classic silhouette, size up one. (And if you’re crushing those core exercises, have your tailor nip the waist.). The length is slightly longer than today’s trends because frankly, gentlemen, your jacket should be covering your rear (and for you taller or shorter guys, we hope to add Long and Short sizes in the future). 


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The first thing you see and one of the differentiators of quality, Finespun jackets feature luxe fabrics from the world-renowned mills of Italy, including Vitale Barberis Canonico, Guabello, Ermenegildo Zegna, Reda, and Tessilstrona. 


Like our sport coats, our neckwear feature premium quality materials without the traditional price mark-ups. We spent several months reviewing tie makers and are excited to to partner with both a multi-generation atelier whose team cuts, sews, and finishes each tie by hand in their New York City shop, and a multi-national clothing conglomerate that sources and finishes their ties in Italy.

The Silk: Two mills in Como, Italy, are world-known for producing silk grenadine weaves, and our ties come from both. The ancient madder silks are woven in southeast England from the same mill who supplies many higher-priced luxury brands. Our Italian prints are also woven in the Como area. Bellissimo!

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Cuff Links

We partnered with Louisville-based artisan Jason Woodward to present our distinctive bourbon cuff links. Each set is hand-made from an original, unused bourbon bottle label. The vintage sets date back to the 60's and 70's, so you can wear a piece of history.

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